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Why choose LOAS?

Lappeenranta is a lively city with lots of activities for students. The city also invests in its students. The City and the Lappeenranta businesses and communities are all working hard to maintain the city’s reputation as one of the best places to study in Finland. But why should you choose LOAS housing? Well here are ten good reasons. 

Fair housing – choose your neighbours

In student housing, you can trust that your neighbours and the lessor, i.e. LOAS, all follow the same fair rules. The neighbours are the best you could ask for: like-minded students, your friends, and other familiar faces from the school.

Of course, you also need some peace and quiet to focus on your studies, but social relationships, hobbies and parties are an equally important part of the student life. All this is easy to achieve in an environment where the roommates and neighbours understand you. 

Is your family cramping your style? 

Student housing provides great conditions for studying and living the student life. You can schedule your day based on your studies, use the Internet connection in the middle of the night if you want to, and exercise and socialise with your fellow students when it suits you.

Of course, you must agree the rules of living together with your neighbours and roommates, but otherwise you are in charge of your own life. 

Still living with your mum?! 

Whether you are from Inari or Lappeenranta, starting your studies is the perfect time to also start living on your own and take responsibility for your own life. Student housing provides the perfect and safe option to do just that. 

There’s more to life than paying bills 

Living in student housing is affordable. Our rents per square metre may not be the lowest in town, but the overall cost of living in LOAS apartments is very competitive. We keep our apartments in good condition, and the rent and small utility fee cover, for example, a high-speed Internet connection, water, electricity, sauna three times per week, and free use of the laundry room. What is more, all our sites are located close to the educational facilities or the city centre, which means that you can walk or cycle everywhere and you don’t need to spend money on transport.

Say goodbye to being single 

Starting your own family or getting the first apartment together with your partner often happen while still studying. You may also find your partner through studies or hobbies. Our small, two-room family apartments are the perfect solution for these life situations. We also offer larger apartments for families, should you need one. 

After the breakup... 

Life doesn’t always go as planned. That’s why we also offer our tenants with the flexibility to change apartments during studies depending on their life situation. You can change from one shared apartment to another, or to a family apartment or a studio. The change requests are satisfied based on the available apartments, and we consider possible special grounds each case specifically. 

Daddy pays? 

The amount of rent also varies in student housing. We want to offer our tenants with a variety of living options, also based on how much you are ready to pay for accommodation. Shiny and new means expensive also at LOAS, but even our cheapest apartments are always in good condition and have perfect locations. 

The time of your life 

LOAS apartments are always well equipped. The kitchens and bathrooms are clean and modern, so you don’t have to settle for the nearest pizza place but you can cook with your friends in your own kitchen. 

Effective maintenance services 

LOAS has its own maintenance staff ,  specialised in the servicing and maintenance of the LOAS apartments. Leave a fault report via the  LOAS intranet for tenants , and you’ll get a visit from the LOAS Maintenance in no time.

Need some exotic flavour to your life?

The studying takes place in a multi-cultural environment and so does the living. You can train your conversational skills in dozens of languages, but usually you only need English to communicate.