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Tenants as Board Members

Joint management refers to the cooperation between tenants and the foundation to improve the tenants’ comfort of living.

Joint management is required by law in rental buildings co-financed by the State, and therefore also in LOAS buildings. The basic unit for joint management activities is a site or a building and its tenants’ committee, who reports about its operation on the building noticeboard and organises activities at the site.

Part of the joint management activities is the right to choose two tenant representatives to the LOAS Board . The representatives are selected jointly by all the LOAS tenants’ committees. The tenants’ committees also participate in the preparation of the LOAS budget and rent determination criteria, provide statements on various issues and organise events. LOAS provides resources to support the operation of the committees and cooperates with the committees according to the jointly agreed rules. Active tenants will benefit us all. You are welcome to join the activities!