Maintenance is for our residents

LOAS’s own service and maintenance department ensures the technical maintenance of all properties as well as the interior work of all the properties’ apartments.

Our own maintenance is a great benefit to our residents, because our own maintenance staff are familiar with all the properties and therefore maintenance work is always quick and skilled. Our residents can submit a maintenance request to LOAS’ maintenance by using the fault report form in the residents’ intranet. From the residents’ intranet, the work tasks are directly saved to the maintenance work list, immediately without middlemen or costs, and they are always completed quickly and in an expert manner. You can also follow the processing of your own report on the intranet from start to finish. Easy, right?

Our maintenance company is ISS Palvelut Oy, which is responsible for cleaning and yard work at all of our properties as well as on-call maintenance work outside working hours.

"No fox´s tail in the armpit, just maintenance working."