Important information for residents

Excellent that you came to LOAS! Please read some brief tips and facts below on what should be done now and how housing takes place with us. 

Issues worth considering when moving in and during your residency: 

Rental agreement terms 

Read the rental agreement terms carefully. It is worth confirming from the rental agreement terms, what the period of notice for the apartment is if the agreement is valid until further notice. A fixed term agreement cannot be terminated mid-term. 

Store the key with care 

You should look after the key carefully. If the key is lost, the serialisation of locks is subject to significant costs. If you leave your key in the apartment, you can borrow a key from the office during opening hours free of charge. The security company will open the door for a fee. 

First fill in the apartment card 

However, first it is worth checking the condition of the apartment and any possible faults. Start in the intranet by filling in the apartment card and report all the faults and shortcomings that you have observed. The faults reported on the apartment card will be automatically transferred to the work list of the maintenance company. Urgent faults should of course be reported by immediately calling the office. If the previous tenant has forgotten to complete the final cleaning, ask LOAS to check the need for cleaning and the matter will be sorted.

Fault reports via the intranet 

Fault reports are submitted via the residents’ intranet at You can also check and follow the status of the fault report in the intranet. 

House rules

It's nice to start your studies and new life in a pleasant home and environment. First you should familiarise with the house rules, of which here are a few: 

  • All our apartments are smoke-free - smoking is prohibited in all buildings and balconies. Smoking areas have been marked separately in the yard areas. 
  • Silence between 11 pm - 7 am
"Don´t be rabbit pants, check Intra."