Basic services

LOAS offers all its residents diverse basic services such as: a free laundry room in all buildings, club rooms for enjoying the evenings, sauna turns, the unique shore side sauna Vierula, parking places as well as shared cars.

Laundry rooms

A student does not need their own washing machine. Each property has a perfectly equipped laundry room together with drying rooms. No separate fees are charged for the use of the laundry rooms. You can easily book a laundry slot on the residents’ intranet via the LOAS Booking service.

Club rooms for enjoying the evenings

The club rooms and saunas of student buildings are popular evening venues. Resident committees, groups of friends, student associations, clubs and various hobby groups use the club rooms for all sorts of activities. We also listen to residents’ wishes concerning the development of the premises.

LOAS’ Timppa: at Laserkatu 1, at the top floor of building A, you can find LOAS’ newest club room. Views across the Campus area and Lake Saimaa.

Kotaniemi: at Tervahaudankatu 1, at the top floor of building B, you will find a club room equipped with a balcony offering stunning views across Lake Saimaa.

Punkkeritienoo: at Punkkerikatu 5 there is a pleasant an spacious club room where e.g. LUT guilds organise weekly sauna evenings.

Kourula: Karankokatu 4's club room is spacious and pleasant, and the sauna is situated in connection with the club room.

Leiri: The newly renovated club room at Leirikatu 2 has new furniture and a renovated kitchen. The two saunas allow even a larger group (15 people) to enjoy the sauna and the premises are actively booked.

You can make a booking for all the club rooms by contacting the housing office.

Shore side sauna Vierula

LOAS’ stunning and unique shore side sauna Vierula in the university area, at the shore of the pure Lake Saimaa, invites students and summer guests to enjoy the relaxing steams. Vierula’s premises are sufficient for groups of about ten people to spend the evening. You can easily make a booking by contacting the housing office. 

Did you know? On summer Tuesdays and Thursdays, Vierula has resident sauna turns!

Sauna turns almost daily

LOAS’ student building saunas are heated on average three times a week. There are turns for girls, boys and joggers. You can also book your own turn from among the time slots on Fridays and Saturdays via the LOAS Booking service. Our saunas are spacious, modern and they are kept in first class condition. All booking can be made via the residents’ intranet LOAS Booking service.

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