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LOAS residents have access to shared cars at a great discount. You can book a shared car directly online with ease and pick it up from the point of your choice when it best suits you. The service is made available in cooperation with Vuokraus Hyypiä.
LOAS offers five Kia Rios with names, but you can also book a Kia Ceed or a Citroën Jumper. Respecting traditions, we named our cars Brian, Brita, Pentti, Giorgio ja Thomas. Have you already spotted our colourful and unique cars in the cityscape?

Contract prices for LOAS residents only: 

  • Rio 5€/h, 20€/day (regular price 20€/h, 60€/day)
  • Ceed 10€/h, 40€/day (regular price 30€/h, 80€/day)
  • Jumper 20€/h, 80€/day (regular price 40€/h, 120€/day)
Prices do not include fuel cost. The cars always come with a full tank of gas, and should also be returned with a full tank.

How it works: 

  1. Log in to the service at
  2. Create a personal account
  3. Book a car and get ready to ride

NOTE! The resident number required to log in can be found on the intra. Click "edit basic information" on the intranet to find the resident number above your name. How convenient!

Pick-up points

The cars are always picked up and returned at the same location.
Brian, Brita ja Giorgio reside at Laserkatu 1, at parking spots 50, 51 ja 52.
Thomas can be found in Taipalsaarentie 2, at the parking spot 3.
In addition to these, other Vuokraus Hyypiä cars can be picked up, for example, at Kourula's Neste and at Vuokraus Hyypiä's office (Harapaisentie 7). All cars are available for rent to all service users.