Too warm inside? Tips for cooling your apartment in the summer heat

It is possible to make the apartment cooler in the summer with a few simple tricks.

Do not allow extra heat to enter. Keep windows and curtains or any blinds closed during the day to prevent direct heat from the sun.

Keep only the necessary electrical equipment on so that no extra heat is generated. In particular, it is advisable to avoid heating the oven.

Dry the laundry outside the apartment. Dry the laundry in the dryer / drying room or on the balcony if possible. Moisture rises from the laundry when it dries. If wet laundry is allowed to dry inside, the apartment may become tropical.

Keep fresh air valves open and clean. Replacement air flows into the apartment from air valves that must not be blocked and it is the resident's responsibility to clean the air valves regularly. The fresh air valve is usually located above the window, sometimes in the door of the ventilation window. Keeping the cooker hood filter clean also promotes ventilation in the apartment.

Ventilate at night when the outside air temperature has dropped below the indoor temperature and the structures that have become hot during the day are cooling down. Be sure to close the windows and doors for the day.

Different fans can increase the air circulation in the apartment. You get the most out of the fan when it is properly oriented and placed close enough. It is worth putting the fan in the place where you stay the most, such as next to the bed. However, remember that the fan must not be left unattended.

Cool off by taking a dip in the waves of Lake Saimaa and taking a cold shower before going to bed.