LOAS waives deposit payment and introduces an office fee

Based on decades of experience, we are pleased to say that students are smart and responsible tenants who take care of their responsibilities. Accordingly, the board of LOAS has decided that LOAS will waive the collection of deposit payments from the new lease agreements starting 1.6.2022.

Instead of the deposit payment, an office fee of EUR 40 will be charged for each new lease in the future. The office fee will cover costs of processing leases and the costs of apartment inspections in connection with the moves. It is not our intention to include the above mentioned costs in the rents to be paid by all residents, but to allocate the costs to the moves that cause them, whether it is a change of an apartment or a new lease. The deposit payments for existing leases will be refunded either in connection with the change to another apartment or moving out of the apartment. In addition to the office fee, a deposit payment may continue to be required, for example, from applicants with payment defaults.

The requirements for cleaning and emptying the apartment in the event of moving out remain unchanged. LOAS will charge the tenant if the final cleaning has not been carried out in accordance with the instructions. We remind you that in a shared apartment, the residents are jointly responsible for cleaning the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, hallway, balcony) even when one of the other tenants of the shared apartment moves out. Moving out instructions will continue to be provided by email when the tenant terminates the lease.

LOAS maintenance inspects the apartments during the last month of living. During the inspection a checklist for moving out will be left in the apartment. The checklist includes also the instructions for final cleaning. The checklist may have highlighted points for the condition/cleanliness of which the tenant must pay special attention before returning the keys. The apartments can be re-inspected after the keys have been returned.

Lease terms

In connection with the waiver of the deposit payment, we have updated the terms of the lease. You can find the new terms of the lease on our website and also attached to your lease agreement in the resident's intranet. The terms and conditions of the lease agreements in force or already signed but not yet started remain unchanged and can be found in the resident's intranet attached to the agreement

Best regards LOAS