We ask our residents to follow the instructions on preventing Covid-19 from spreading: wash your hands and avoid all contacts with other people. Wear a face mask whenever it is impossible to keep a safety distance to other people. We all still need to act responsibly and follow the regional restrictions and recommendations.  

Covid-19 exposure or a positive test result
If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, please get yourself tested. When arriving to Finland from abroad, you should comply with 14 days quarantine. During the quarantine it is not allowed to make fault reports.  Please follow the instructions from the authorities on how to deal with corona virus prevention, suspicion of infection, or other corona virus related issues. If it´s not safe for health for our maintenance to enter into your apartment, please contact the housing office. Let´s keep student housing safe together!

More information:
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare website…
National corona counselling service: Tel. 0295 535 535

Living in a shared apartment
Wash your hands carefully before and after using the shared areas. Please, clean up after yourself and wipe the surfaces. Agree on rules with your flatmates regarding safety, helping each other and possible coronavirus infection. If you suspect you might have the corona virus, communicate this to your flatmates and get yourself tested. If one resident gets a positive test result, also other residents of the shared apartment are in quarantine. During quarantine avoid contacts with other residents of the apartment. Wear a face mask while using the shared areas. 

Please note, that if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, you are under quarantine or you have just returned from abroad, do not make a fault report. If a fault report, an apartment check list or a termination notice (apartment inspection when moving out) is already done and it is not safe for health for our maintenance to enter into your apartment, contact the housing office. If you have just arrived to Finland from abroad, fill the apartment check list only after 14 days quarantine period. 

Housing office
Housing office serves online. Contact us via Intra, email or phone. Office serves personally only in exceptional cases, like key retrieval. Please agree on date and time of the key retrieval with us beforehand. If you are moving out, please return your keys to our mailbox. 

Stay safe!

Best regards LOAS