Application process for LOAS-Teatteri apartments starts 30.9.2022 at 12 noon

By the end of November, the newest LOAS housing site will be ready in the heart of the city. The site has 133 studios, the size of which varies between 21.5 m2 and 42.5 m2. The presentation of the housing site can be found on our website by the end of September. Applications are submitted via intra. Apartments cannot be added to the old applications, so if you want to apply for LOAS-Teatteri apartments, fill out a new application in the intra. NOTE! There are no parking places for reservation on site.

Selection of residents
Residents are selected from among applicants by lottery. Applications that have been submitted
via intra 30.9.-31.10.2022 participate in the lottery. 30 % of the apartments are drawn among applications which include possible additional points for living in a shared apartment, for example. The remaining 70 % of the apartments are allocated purely by lottery and no additional points are taken into account. This ensures that the apartments can be offered to both old and new residents of LOAS.

The draws will take place on November 1, 2022, the housing offers are sent during week 44. If the applicant rejects the offer received, the vacated apartment will be offered to the next applicant in the queue. Applications remaining in the queue are valid for 2 months. If the applicant wants to continue waiting for LOAS-Teatteri apartments that become available in the future, the application must be renewed every 2 months.

Lease agreement
The start date of the lease can be found in the apartment offer. The start date cannot be changed at the request of the applicant. The leases will be started in stages from 16 December 2022 until the first day of January in order to avoid too many simultaneous moves. There is only one elevator in use at the site and limited parking on the side of the street. To avoid moving congestion, we recommend scheduling the move on the official start date of the contract.