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Here you’ll find all the latest notices and news about LOAS and our apartments, events and plans for the future.

The housing office is now located in the second part of the office
11.12.2018 12:43

Now the housing office´s customer service is temporary located in the second part of the office.
The entrance to the office is trough the stairwair B.
The housing office will be closed on Wednesday 19.12., then renovation is ready and the office will move back to the space of the...

Exceptional opening hours in December
10.12.2018 12:21

On Tuesday 18.12.  the housing office is closed from 8 to 10. Staff is in education.
The housing office is closed  on Wednesday 19.12. , the renovation of the housing office`s head spaces is ready then and customer service will move back.
On Thursday 20.12. office and maintenance...

Notification for tenants
28.11.2018 15:24

Returning for deposit payments for tenants who has been moved out is delayed due to system changes. LOAS will return deposit payments as soon as possible. We apologize situation.

The LNET network is being updated!
26.11.2018 14:53

The LNET network will be upgraded during the next two months, which will significantly improve network performance and reliability. Upgrades cause short, couple of hours of breaks per building, and efforts are made to make upgrades mainly in the evenings and at weekends.

LOAS is smoke-free
14.11.2018 14:24

The lease terms prohibit smoking inside  the LOAS apartments and in the balconies.
Smoking areas are marked in the yard.

Finib Asiakasturva and its related group insurance
14.11.2018 14:19

Finib Asiakasturva and its related group insurance.

The renovation of Orion 1 has been begun
3.1.2018 15:51

LOAS increases the living comfort by renovating 4 buildings in Korpimetsänkatu 5. The renovation in Orion 1 has been begun in January.
The renovation will be completed by the end of 2018. Most of the flat types are studios and one of the houses consists of 2-bedrooms shared flats. 

Exceptions to the Housing office´s opening hours on Tuesday 9.1. and on Wednesday 10.1.
3.1.2018 15:08

LOAS housing office and maintenance are closed on Tuesday  9.1.2018 from 8 to 12.

Housing office is closed on Wednesday  10.1.2018 from 13 to 15.

Other week days normal open hours.