Network connections in LOAS's apartments

Residents have access to broadband internet connections in all LOAS’s apartments. The Internet connection is not subject to a separate fee, but instead the service is included in the usage fee charged in connection with the rent.

Most LOAS properties are connected to LOAS's own Lnet network, which provides a regular local area network (Ethernet) to the apartments. Some properties lack the cabling within the buildings and in those, either a WLAN connection or a Telia cable modem connection is provided.

Properties with WLAN:

  • Leirikatu 2
  • Kalliopellonkatu 10 (Sammonlahti 2)
  • Katajakatu 8

Properties with cable modem connections:

  • Upseeritie 1
  • Reippaankatu 2

The rest of the properties, including all properties in Skinnarila, Ruskonlahdenkatu (Sammonlahti 1), Karelia-Park, Karankokatu and most of the properties in the city centre are connected to Lnet. The network details of each property can be found via the property search and viewing the property description.

All LOAS's residents are entitled to the use of the network. The lease terms require tenants to follow the rules and instructions of network use.