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LOAS is the housing foundation for all students who study in South Karelia. We provide high-quality and affordable student housing for over 3,000 students. Our accommodation is located close to the educational facilities in the best residential areas of Lappeenranta, and the distance to Joutseno and Imatra is quite reasonable.

LOAS is a student-friendly and customer-oriented lessor. We have no restrictive thresholds. The rent includes a high-speed Internet connection, maintenance and other important services, most of which are easily accessible via the Web. The cost of living price–quality ratio is excellent. We play fair in cooperation with our residents and partners. Read more about the LOAS 2020 Strategy  and our staff .

The student housing situation in Lappeenranta is good. You should have no trouble in finding a good apartment for living and studying. Did you know that we also offer apartments for students from Lappeenranta?

Customer-oriented service company

Our housing services stand out from the other lessors thanks to the affordable locations and the services particularly directed to students. Furthermore, we do not require a large deposit or advance rent for our apartments.

The rent includes a broadband connection. We also offer plenty of sauna turns, good communal facilities, maintenance services, etc.

Active and like-minded students as neighbours are also an asset of student housing.
The foundation was founded and is administered by the student unions in Lappeenranta in cooperation with the City of Lappeenranta and the Lappeenranta Evangelical-Lutheran Parish Union.

LOAS apartments

LOAS apartments are built for young people who are learning to live on their own and who study in Lappeenranta. In our selection of apartments, there is a large variety of choices for different stages in a student’s life. A room of one’s own in a two- or three-room apartment shared with like-minded students, a studio apartment for those who need the privacy for example at the final stages of studies, or a two-room apartment for a family. Our apartments can be applied by all students studying in Lappeenranta either in basic or in postgraduate studies or in supplementary education. Studying is a common denominator for our tenants.