Housing for Exchange Students

LOAS offers apartments to students who study in Lappeenranta. Short-term students, such as exchange students, can also find an apartment from us. You can apply for a LOAS student apartment with the online form. Applications are accepted around the year, and in the best case scenario you can even be offered an apartment without needing to queue. Your possibilities to find an apartment are improved if you are willing to live outside the centre and campus areas. 

LOAS offers exchange students lots of furnished apartments. In addition to affordable shared apartments, there are also studios and family apartments, but they are usually more expensive and they have significantly longer queues. 

For example, in the area of Huhtiniemi and Kourula there are lots of affordable apartments and an active international community of residents. The area is located within reach of excellent transport connections, half way between the campus area of Skinnarila and the city centre. Please, note: we recommend you to apply for all possible areas and housing sites.