House rules

General guidelines

Residents are liable to keep their apartment/room tidy and make it available to the landlord for the purpose of inspections and repairs. The apartment residents are jointly responsible for the common areas. The landlord has the right to have the apartment cleaned at the expense of the residents, if they have violated their obligation to keep it clean and tidy.

The building's entrance doors are kept locked around the clock for safety reasons.

Keys must be stored with care. Any damage and repair work caused by the misuse of the keys is the responsibility of the tenant to be guilty of such misuse.

The tidiness of the stairways requires that

  • the stairways are used in a tidy and quiet manner
  • apartments must not be ventilated into the stairways
  • pets are not let in the stairways
  • items not belonging in the stairways are not stored there
  • balcony doors are kept closed
  • loitering in the stairways is avoided

Rugs and clothes can only be dusted out and aired in locations reserved for this purpose between 8.00 am - 8.00 pm.

Any activities that disturb other resident’s night peace is prohibited between 11.00 pm - 7.00 am. Upon the consent of all neighbours, events can be arranged that last later than 11.00 pm. 

Smoking, also electronic cigarettes, is prohibited in the apartments, the building and on the balcony. The smoking area has been separately marked out in the yard area.

The building has shared laundry rooms and drying premises for washing laundry. If using your own washing machine, ensure that it appropriately installed, equipped with suction protection and a cut-off valve, and that it is safe to use. Dishwashers must be equipped with a safety trough.

Each resident is responsible for considering environmental issues in their own household and all accumulated waste must be sorted according to relevant guidelines.

Residents must report all observed faults in the apartments or the building via the intranet. In urgent cases, contact LOAS’ office of the on-call representative of the maintenance company. Violating the obligation to report may lead to the resident’s liability for damages.

The tidiness of outdoor areas requires that

  • the lawn areas and plants are not trampled or damaged
  • excess items must not be stored in the yard area
  • all waste and debris is taken to the containers reserved for them
  • the apartment balconies are kept free of debris and snow
  • no items are stored outside the balconies and windows

Open fires, opening smoke extraction hatches and leaving windows open is prohibited. The safety guidelines provided by LOAS and authorities must be observed in an exact manner.

Hanging pictures on the walls is only allowed on the hanging boards. 
Only an intended antenna cable can be used to connect a TV to the shared antenna. Additional antenna devices must not be installed without LOAS’ permission.

The storage of bicycles, sports equipment, pushchairs etc. is only permitted in premises reserved for them, bicycle sheds and apartment storage premises. Items must not be abandoned in the previously mentioned storage premises.

Damage of structures, equipment and furniture will lead to the liability for damages.


  • in case of maintenance issues, submit a fault report on the intranet
  • the maintenance company’s name and phone number can be found on the noticeboard
  • Details of the door opening service can be found on the noticeboard 

Payment of rent

  • Rent must be paid by the 5th day of the month


  • when moving in to a LOAS apartment, fill in the apartment checklist on the intranet with care so that you will not be held responsible for faults etc. caused by previous residents.
  • when moving out, the apartment must be cleaned and left in good condition in accordance with the guidelines concerning moving out
  • return the keys to your apartment to LOAS’ office

Common premises

  • sauna turns can be seen in the booking system of the intranet 
  • club rooms can be booked for private events by contacting LOAS’ office
  • particular tidiness must be observed when using the saunas and club rooms, and none of their furniture or equipment may be moved elsewhere
  • the user instructions must be observed when using the laundry rooms’ equipment, it is prohibited to wash rugs in the washing machines
  • no excess items, clothes, cans, etc. may be left in common premises
  • items must not be stored in the hallways of resident storage premises

Use of furniture and appliances

  • fire alarms required by law are installed in all apartments and the operate with fixed 10-year batteries, do not remove the alarms or the batteries. Faulty alarms must be reported to LOAS, the alarms shall be replaced free of charge.
  • the user instructions must be observed when using the refrigerators, hobs and other equipment
  • the hob and oven must be kept clean
  • the temperature of the apartment can be adjusted with the radiator thermometer according to preferences.  The temperature during the winter is +20 – 22 C. 
  • Altering the preset control values is strictly prohibited, the preset control values have been saved in memory. 
  • adjustments to the ventilation valves must not be changed and the valves must not be removed
  • replacement air valves must not be closed completely 
  • the ventilation valves and floor drains must be cleaned regularly
  • self-repairs and controls of electrical equipment is prohibited
  • all furniture must be handled with care, moving furniture to other rooms is prohibited
  • the replacement of all light bulbs is the responsibility of the residents, and the lights must work when the resident moves out of the apartment
  • rinsing solid wastes and all types of oils down the drains is strictly prohibited
  • any activities violating the guidelines may lead to the liability for damages

Energy saving

  • ventilate quickly and efficiently, do not keep windows open unnecessarily
  • use warm water sparingly
  • use as little running water as possible
  • do not leave taps running
  • report even the smallest water leaks by submitting a fault report on the intranet
  • only use the lights you need, and don't forget them on


  • parking cars elsewhere than in the marked locations and without consent is prohibited
  • parking places are booked via the intranet’s booking system
  • charging hybrid and electric cars is prohibited in a parking place equipped with a standard car heating outlet. Charging is only allowed in places designed for charging. Fill in fault report in Intra, if you need a charging place. Charging time is up to 8 h on a single charge. Car charging/heating timer instructions (Theben AT-1 Hybrid).
  • according to electrical safety regulations the cover of the car heating pole must be kept locked and the electric cable removed after use
  • LOAS has the right to terminate the parking place if misuse occurs

In addition to the previously mentioned rules and guidelines, observe what has been set out in the lease agreement, LOAS’ other guidelines as well as general legislation and regulations.