Heating in LOAS apartments

If your home feels chilly, check the radiator thermostat adjustment before creating a fault report. Make also sure that the windows and doors are not unnecessarily open. If you need to ventilate the apartment in winter season, do it quickly.

Normal room temperature in the apartments is +20-22 degrees. There is a thermometer in your apartment from which you can check the temperature of the apartment. In shared apartments the thermometer is in common areas. If the thermometer is missing, please fill in fault report in Intra.

The radiator may feel cold, but that is normal if the temperature is over +20 degrees in the apartment. The radiator thermostat cools down the radiator until the room needs more heating. Electrical heaters are not allowed in LOAS apartments. Central heating system stops working if extra heater is used in the apartment.

  • In the bathroom the radiator is always warm because it is connected to the hot water. It is normal that room radiator is cold and bathroom radiator is warm because there is no thermostat in bathroom radiator.
  • Check that the radiator thermostats are in open position and working properly. Turn the thermostat to the open-close positions a few times and leave it to the open position. The thermostat may not open to the maximum position, please don´t use force. If the thermostat is stuck or loose, please fill in a fault report in Intra. Turn the thermostat counterclockwise to open it. When turning the thermostat clockwise, the radiator cools down.
  • Make sure that the radiator or the thermostat is not covered. If the thermostat is covered, it does not work properly. Check that for example a computer isn’t near the radiator thermostat and that curtains or big furniture do not cover the radiator or thermostat.
  • Keep the fresh air valves open and clean. (No fresh air valves in these housing sites: Laserkatu 1, Yliopistonkatu 28 G, Teknologiapuistonkatu 4, Punkkerikatu 7, Korpimetsänkatu 5). Replacement air flows into the apartment from the air valves, which must not be blocked and whose regular cleaning is the responsibility of the resident. The fresh air valve is usually located above the window, sometimes in the door of the ventilation window.
  • Keeping the cooker hood filter clean also promotes ventilation in the apartment. Cleaning the cooker hood filter is also the responsibility of the resident.

If, despite the above measures, the temperature of the apartment is below 20°C, create a fault report in Intra.