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Harapainen, located south of the city centre, is a quiet residential area with lots of small detached houses. The area is only a short walking distance away from the city centre and has good bus connections to the educational facilities. The nearest educational facilities are easily accessible on foot or by bicycle.

In Harapainen, nature is always close. The area also has nice jogging routes and a sports field. All cultural services and shops of the city centre are also within easy reach. There are several grocery stores nearby and the versatile supermarkets located in Myllymäki are easily accessible even by bicycle. The railway station and the bus station are within a ten minutes’ walk away.

LOAS Reippaankatu, Reippaankatu 2-4


Reippaankatu 2

Completed 1995
Two terraced houses

LOAS Kangastuvankatu 4-6


Kangastuvankatu 4-6

Completed in 1998
Two three-storey apartment buildings, each with one stairwell 


Kangastuvankatu 2

Completed in 2003
One three-storey apartment building with one stairwel