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FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Before contacting the Housing Office, please read the following FAQs to check if you can find the answer to your question.

I forgot the key inside my apartment. What should I do?

If you have left your key inside your apartment, you can call the Turvatiimi security company at +358 20 736 3201. Notify Turvatiimi that you are calling from a LOAS site and tell them your exact address. Turvatiimi charges for the door opening 20 euros in cash and 30 euros if invoiced. You can also pay with a payment card. In addition, you can lend a spare key from the LOAS Housing Office free of charge during the Office opening hours. For lost keys, we will charge the costs from re-keying the locks. The Turvatiimi contact information is also available on the building notice board and on the LOAS intranet for tenants . Be prepared to prove your identity.

How can I sort my waste?

All LOAS sites have waste containers for sorting waste. You can sort your dry waste, biowaste, paper waste, cardboard waste, metal waste, and glass waste. Please follow the sorting instructions provided near the containers and fold the cardboard boxes flat to ensure that other tenants’ cardboard waste will also fit into the container.

What is included in the furnishing in shared apartments?

The furnishing includes a bookshelf, shower curtain, office chair, reading lamp, desk and bed (80x200 cm) The mattress or curtains are not included.

Will I need my own digital TV converter box?

All LOAS buildings are connected to the Sonera cable television network, which enables watching digitally broadcasted channels via a cable network compatible converter box. We will not procure building-specific converter boxes (which are not even possible to install at cable network connected sites) or apartment-specific converter boxes. You must bring your own converter box as in any other rental apartment.

A light bulb has burnt out in my apartment, will LOAS fix it?

The tenants must change all light bulbs with screw bases and all fluorescent tubes by themselves. The LOAS Maintenance can also do the job for you, but you’ll be charged for the work. The charge for changing burnt out lamps is 20 euros (incl. the cost of the new lamps). We recommend using energy-saving light bulbs.

I can’t get electricity in my room/sockets/computer. What should I do?

Check the fuse box for broken fuses. At our newer sites, the problem may occur if a circuit breaker has been released. If you can’t find any problem with the fuses or your devices, leave a fault report via the LOAS intranet for tenants . If there’s no electricity in the kitchen, you should also call the Housing Office .

I want to have my own dishwasher installed. What should I do?

You can order an installation of your dishwasher through the intranet by lodging a work order. It is not possible to install a dishwasher in all our apartments. If you’re not certain whether installation is possible, please ask us to verify the matter before you purchase the appliance.

The LOAS Maintenance charges for installation work according to the valid hourly charge. The minimum charge is charged according to one hour. The valid charge is indicated in our price list. Any accessories required for the installation and the plastic drip tray installed under the machine are charged to the tenant. All other costs arising from the installation are also charged to the tenant. You may also order the installation from a third party. Even if the LOAS Maintenance installs the machine, you are responsible for the operation and correct use of the machine. In connection with moving out, we disconnect the machine free of charge.

I want to have my own washing machine installed. What should I do?

The LOAS Maintenance charges for installation work according to the valid hourly charge. Any accessories required for the installation are charged to the tenant. The valid charge is indicated in our price list. You may also order the installation from a third party.

Does LOAS provide the woods for shared barbecues?

No. We recommend using coal for barbecuing because our barbecues cannot handle the extreme heat from using thick fire woods.

I’m planning to have a party at my apartment and it may last longer than 11:00 p.m. What should I do?

As a rule, the LOAS housing rules prohibit causing disturbing noises between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. However, if you inform your nearest neighbours about the party beforehand, you may continue you party for a little later than 11:00 p.m. It is courteous to notify your neighbours about the party by leaving at least a note indicating your name and phone number and the time the party should end in your neighbours’ mailboxes or on the building notice board. You should respect your neighbours’ opinions on the matter.

I had an excellent party, but somebody hit a hole in the toilet door. What should I do?

You are also responsible for your guests and any damages they may cause. You should leave a fault report via the LOAS intranet for tenants and inform LOAS about the situation. The LOAS Maintenance will then repair the damage and invoice you for the services afterwards. LOAS will find out about the damage at the moving out inspection at the latest and would deduct the costs from your deposit. By informing LOAS of the accident immediately after it has occurred, LOAS can repair the damage right away and you can continue living in an apartment that is in good condition.

I would like to install a ceiling fan/new lamp. Is this possible?

Tenants must always obtain a prior authorisation from the LOAS Maintenance Supervisor for any installation or modification work. You can do that by leaving a fault report via the LOAS intranet for tenants and describing the requested modification work for the consideration by LOAS. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that when moving out, the apartment is returned to its original condition. LOAS will charge to the tenant all additional work caused by modifications carried out by the tenant.

Can I install a satellite disc on my balcony?

No, you can’t. All LOAS properties are connected to the cable television network, and you can order all the services you need for a separate fee.

Can I smoke on the balcony of my apartment?

No, you can’t. Smoking is banned in all LOAS apartments without exception.

Can I barbecue on the balcony of my apartment?

Barbecuing with typical barbecues is allowed. However, special caution must be exercised. Open fire is not allowed at any point, you must never leave the barbecue without supervision, and the area around the barbecue must be cleared of flammable materials.

Someone has been in my apartment while I was away. Who was it?

LOAS maintenance staff may use the master key to enter LOAS apartments to fix faults reported by tenants, unless otherwise agreed. All maintenance services performed are recorded into a database, from which their details can be checked even after several years. In shared apartments, it is possible that the roommate has left the fault report. The LOAS Maintenance also carries out preventive maintenance activities at its properties and can in those cases use the master key if the tenant is not present. All preventive maintenance activities to be carried out are notified via the LOAS intranet for tenants and on the building notice board and/or on the apartment doors well in advance. Third-party experts can also carry out maintenance activities at the property, but these are also notified to the tenants beforehand.

I have left a fault report. Why haven’t you dealt with it yet?

The fault reports are primarily handled according to their importance. We aim to repair all faults disturbing normal living as quickly as possible. For example, in the summertime, a broken refrigerator would be dealt with sooner than a skirting board
requiring painting. The fault reports left via the LOAS intranet for tenants are recorded on the LOAS Maintenance work sheet in real time, and you can also follow the processing of the report via the intranet. If the reported fault is causing imminent danger or significantly disturbs normal living (as in the case of the broken refrigerator), you can also call our Housing Office after leaving your fault report. The Housing Office staff will notify the maintenance supervisors of any urgent cases.

I live in a furnished apartment but want to use my own furniture. Does LOAS provide storage for the extra furniture?

Unfortunately, no. You may store the furniture in you own storage space. The furniture must never be stored in the storage hallways. At the moving out inspection, LOAS expects to find all LOAS furniture back in the apartment assembled.

My refrigerator is making a loud noise. Is it broken?

Nykyisten ympäristöystävällisempien jääkaappien käyntiääni on hieman äänekkäämpi kuin entisten. Asialle ei voida tehdä mitään. Äänen voimakkuutta voi yrittää pienentää vetämällä jääkaappia hieman irti seinästä, jolloin ääni voi vaimentua.

Where can I wash my clothes and how much does it cost?

J All our sites have a laundry room available for use by tenants free of charge. The laundry rooms are also equipped with an iron and an ironing board. Check the location of your laundry room from the site description . You can save money by using the correct amount of laundry detergent. In Lappeenranta, the water is soft and therefore requires using less laundry detergent than normally. See further instructions from the label on the laundry detergent package.

The washer in the laundry room is not working. What should I do?

Before leaving a fault report, read the instructions once more. Some programmes do not include spinning, which leaves the laundry wet. You should also check the position of the on/off switch.

I need to clean my apartment. Does LOAS provide any shared cleaning equipment?

Each laundry room should include a vacuum cleaner intended for shared use. If the laundry room is missing one, LOAS will not provide a new one.

What should I do if I find any pests (insects, etc.) in my apartment?

If you find any pests or other insects in your apartment, you should leave a fault report. As a rule, the lessor is obligated to carry out disinfestation if the pests (insects, etc.) found in the apartment could also spread to other apartments via building structures. However, the lessor’s obligation does not extend further than this, i.e. LOAS is not obligated to compensate tenants for any eaten foods or for other possible damage or nuisance caused by the pests
. If the pests have travelled to the apartment with the tenant, it is possible that the liability for the disinfestation falls with the tenant. LOAS is not obligated to eradicate pests nesting in humans.

The lawn areas and cleaning have been neglected for a long time at the site. Where can I report this?

The LOAS staff supervises the performance of the service company. We are happy to convey your positive or negative feedback to the appropriate party. The simplest way to inform LOAS of any important issues is to send us e-mail.

I left some stuff in the apartment when I moved out. Has LOAS stored my stuff?

Unfortunately, no. After the apartment keys are returned, the apartment is cleared out of any extra items, clothes or furniture, which are then transported for waste treatment. If a tenant leaves any items behind, LOAS will charge the costs from clearing the apartment to the tenant.

Where can I return the key after I have moved out?

During the LOAS Housing Office opening hours, the key must be returned to the Office. In the evenings and on weekends, the key can be returned to the locked mailbox located outside the Housing Office entrance in an envelope indicating the name and address of the tenant.

I received an invoice for professional cleaning of the shared areas even though I’m still living in the apartment. How is this possible?

Tenants are required to keep the apartment in good condition, and in shared apartments, the roommates share this responsibility. In this case, it is possible that the LOAS Maintenance has carried out a moving out inspection on your roommate and left a notice to clean the shared spaces. The shared spaces have not been cleaned by the set deadline, and LOAS has ordered a cleaning company to clean the apartment and then invoiced the tenants for the service. By signing the lease agreement, tenants agree to comply with the LOAS housing rules. LOAS can also leave a notice to clean the apartment if it considers that cleaning of the apartment has been neglected. If the tenant fails to clean the apartment by the set deadline, LOAS will then order a cleaning company to clean the apartment and invoice the tenant for the service.

When is my deposit returned?

The deposit will be returned within two (2) months of the termination of the lease agreement, provided that you have fulfilled all your obligations towards LOAS. Possible cleaning and repair costs will be deducted from the deposit. You can avoid the cleaning costs by cleaning the apartment thoroughly when you are moving out.