Energy efficiency is our passion

Lappeenranta University of Technology has chosen energy expertise as its key area of emphasis and at LOAS, we strengthen this by building a Green Campus in Skinnarila. Housing experiences form a major part of students’ study experiences, and we wish to do our share in being strongly involved in the objectives of higher education institutes.

Energy efficiency and the environment play an important roled in LOAS’ new strategy. Work pays strong attention on economy too, in order to continue to safeguard the affordability of student accommodation in the future too.

Energy classifications of LOAS’ housing

LOAS’ buildings have valid energy certifices which have been prepared in accordance with the Act on Energy Certificates which entered into force in 2007. Thus, the energy efficiency values are not comparable with certificates prepared in accordance with new legislation that was introduced in 2013, but you can compare the values of LOAS’ buildings between each other.

Certificates in accordance with new legislation shall be transferred to in accordance with the transition times of the legislation. Building-specific energy certificatest can be found under the basic details of the building presentation.

LOAS’ residents consume water in a smart manner

During the year 2013, LOAS's building stock has implemented measures aiming for a decrease water consumption. The residents’ consumption habits are the main determinant of the level of water consumption, but technical solutions can still manage the wasting of water.

The water pressure levels of all LOAS’ properties have been reviewed and they have been restricted to levels in accordance with recommendations. Pressure balancing also reduces the load on pipelines and thus increases their service life.

During the spring of 2013, maintenance work on the water fixtures has also been carried out on LOAS’ building stock and simultaneously water-saving energy-efficient water fitting solutions have been introduced e.g. taps and showers as well as single-flush toilets have been replaced with ones with double flush operations.

The implemented measures reduce the total water consumption by approximately 20 percents and the achieved savings allow the continuous increase of water costs to be compensated. The reduced water consumption is also significantly visible in the consumption of heating energy and thus the amount of achieved energy savings is further increased.

LOAS’ Seppo

Our new build which was built in 2013 is an example of our objectives to be a pioneer in energy-efficient construction. Our new build was issued an energy certificate with an A class grade and in addition to this, the property produces a significant amount of its own energy in the form of a 9-kilowatt solar energy system.

Seppo is also LOAS’ first property, where the residents’ water consumption is invoiced according to actual consumption. In addition to this, each resident concludes their own electricity agreement with an energy company, since paying for water and electricity according to personal consumption is certainly the best way to increase energy efficiency. Other energy-efficient solutions at the new build include e.g. LED lighting in common premises as well as mechanical ventilation.

LOAS is part of the Greenreality Network

Greenreality Network is a window to a greener, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly Lappeenranta, its expertise and regional inspiration. Greenreality Network allows this positive trend to be promoted and for topical events and operators to be communicated.