Cookie policy

About cookies in general

Cookies are used in our online service for the purpose of developing the user experience (tracking
cookies) and enabling functionalities in the service (functional cookies). A cookie is a text
document which is stored on the user’s computer for a fixed period when visiting the online
service’s site. If you wish, you can avoid the use of cookies by defining your browser settings in
such a way that cookies are not stored during use. This may however have a negative effect on the
website’s functionalities and user experience, or in some cases it may prevent their use entirely.

Tracking cookies

User statistics are collected from the website and they are intended for tracking and developing the
website as well as designing marketing.

In addition to this, the website uses target group and subject data collection (Google Analytics Demographics), which combine e.g. age, gender and the user’s subjects of interest to the user’s tracking data. Settings concerning the collection of this data can be changed in your own Google account.

If you wish, you can disable Google Analytics tracking with a browser add-on (

Functional cookies

The website’s functional sub-areas, which require the user to log in, or complete another type of authentication, require a cookie in order to function. The necessary data about the user is stored in the data of the cookie, and the cookie is removed at the end of its fixed period or when the user logs out.

Other identifiers

Identifier data about the online service's user is stored in connection with the use of the online service in the log files of the server and online service (e.g. IP address, opened page and searched files as well as any errors during use) and data about the operation of the website’s user interface is collected (saves, heat map data, forms’ user details). The purpose of the collection of this data is the tracking and development of the service as well as the continuous improvement of fault
tolerance and data security.