Connecting to the network

Connecting to the network in most properties is done as follows. Exceptions are Kalliopellonkatu 10, Katajakatu 8, Leirikatu 2, which offer wireless networks instead, and Reippaankatu 2 and Upseerintie 1 which have cable modem connections from Telia.

1. Use dynamic host host configuration (DHCP)

With DHCP, your device will search for all the necessary technical details to be used directly from the network. It is likely that you will not have to do anything, because your network settings are probably already correct.

2. Connect the cable

To use the network, you will need an 8-pin Ethernet cable with a so-called RJ-45 connector. 

  • Please note that a similar phone cable equipped with smaller connectors is not suitable and it may damage the wall socket or computer connector. The resident is liable to pay for any damages.
  • A crossover cable may also not work with all devices. It looks the same as a standard cable but the wires inside the cable have been connected differently.
  • There may be several network sockets in the apartment, but most apartments only have one network connector per room. The same applies to double sockets, which have two adjacent connectors, only one connector is usually connected. The connected socket in LOAS Timppa building can be changed by yourself.

3. All ready

Your computer should automatically search for an IP address. However, if the connection cannot be established, check the connections and the issues mentioned on the fault report page.