Billing information

These invoicing details are only intended for our partners. If you are a resident, these details are not relevant to your invoice, rent or deposit in any way. You can find all the necessary details in the residents’ intranet.

Invoicing details for partners

Student Housing Foundation for the Region of Lappeenranta LOAS
Business ID: 0206825-2

Receipt of e-invoices: 

E-invoice address: 003702068252 
Bank: Maventa 
SWIFT code: 003721291126 
Operator ID when submitting from bank network: DABAFIHH 

Postal address: 

Laserkatu 1 C, 53850 Lappeenranta 
Telephone: 05 668 2800 

Assistance in all issues concerning LOAS’ invoicing 

Marja Terävä 
05 668 2812 

"At LOAS, our elevator goes all the way up."