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Basic services

Read more about the basic services available to all LOAS tenants.

Laundry rooms

Our tenants don’t need their own washing machine. Each site has a fully equipped laundry room and a drying space. LOAS doesn’t collect a separate charge for using the laundry room. You can book a laundry room easily via the LOAS Booking service on the LOAS intranet for tenants

Club rooms

LOAS club rooms and club saunas are popular places to spend evenings. Tenants’ committees, groups of friends, student unions, and different clubs use the club rooms for all kinds of leisure activities. We are always ready to develop our facilities according to our tenants’ wishes.

LOAS Timppa:  The uppermost level of building is the new club room for LOAS. Views over Campus and Lake Saimaa.

Kotaniemi:  The uppermost level of building B at Tervahaudankatu 1 has a club room with a balcony and an amazing view over Lake Saimaa.

Punkkeritienoo:  Punkkerikatu 5 includes a comfortable and spacious club room where, for example, LUT guilds arrange sauna evenings every week.

Kourula:  The club room at Karankokatu 4 is spacious and comfortable. The sauna is located in connection to the club room.

Leiri:  The newly renovated club room at Leirikatu 2 has new furniture and a modernised kitchen. Two saunas enable inviting more people (up to 15 persons) to a sauna night, which is why the space is often booked.

To book one of our club rooms, contact the Housing Office.

Lakeside sauna Vierula

Our amazing and unique lakeside sauna Vierula, located in the campus area by Lake Saimaa, invites students and summer guests to enjoy its pleasant heat. Vierula has room for groups of
ten people. To book Vierula, contact the Housing Office. Did you know... On summer Tuesdays and Thursdays Vierula is open for all LOAS residents. You can book the sauna by contacting the Housing Office.

Sauna turns almost every day

The saunas of LOAS sites are heated on average on three days a week. There are turns for women, men and joggers. You can also book your own turn for Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays via the LOAS Booking service. Our saunas are spacious, modern and always in top condition. You can book turns via the LOAS intranet for tenants  LOAS Booking -palvelun kautta.

Parking spaces

There is plenty of parking space for students’ cars. There are also electrical outlets for heating or vacuuming a car. You can book parking spaces via the LOAS intranet for tenants . You can also check from the intranet the real-time booking situation at your site. The fee charged for a parking space is very reasonable.

The environment and yard areas

Our houses are located close to nature. The townscape and nature complete each other in the urban environment of Lappeenranta. The yard areas of our buildings are designed to be practical and functional and to serve the needs of students.

The yards have everything tenants need: waste containers, places to dust rugs, parking for cars, and storage. There is also room for leisure activities. For example, many yards have their own barbecuing area, and there’s even a beach volley field in the yard of the Skinnarila 1 site.

All our buildings are located near versatile services and recreation possibilities. Shops, banks, restaurants, sport centres, and other services are usually within a short distance. The buses run from door to door and travelling is fast. In the campus area in Skinnarila, there are jogging and skiing trails right next to our apartments. The blue Lake Saimaa can be seen from many windows. Read more about the residential areas where our buildings are located.