Summer apartments

During the summer, we rent furnished apartments to companies and people coming to Lappeenranta to work or study. The apartments are located in the very centre of Lappeenranta or in the western regions of the city. 

During the summer, the apartments that become vacant from students can be rented from May to August and the minimum rental period is one week. The apartment includes basic furnishings, but cleaning and bed linen are not included in our service. The affordable rent includes water, electricity and sauna turns.

Fill in the application and apply for a summer apartment!

In the application, mention the following

  • The duration of housing needs and the reason for needing an apartment (summer job, internship, summer studies, etc.) 
  • If a company rents apartments for its employees, first fill in the application and then contact the housing office. Instead of a social security number, fill in the application with your company’s business ID.
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