Rent and agreement

Our housing office provides advice and guidance to You in all issues concerning housing and applying for an apartment. Familiarise with housing support systems already in advance. On Kela’s housing support page, you can find answers to the all the most common questions and you can also ask for advice from the people at your educational institute who manage student aid issues.

The rent of a student apartment consists of the following

  • rent per square metre to be charged on the basis of the size of the apartment
  • usage fee 20 eur/month, which covers the use of electricity (10 eur/month), water (6 eur/month), the laundry room (2 eur/month) and shared sauna (2 eur/month).
    If the apartment's electricity and water are billed according to consumption, the usage fee of 20 eur/month includes an advance payment of 16 eur/month for the use of water. The water fee is equalized semi-annually or upon moving out.
  • furniture fee for those living in furnished apartments

A separate fee is charged for the use of a parking place. Rent is paid in advance and no later than by the fifth day of the month. The apartment’s period of notice is one calendar month in accordance with the Act on Residential Leases.

You will receive the rent invoice by email. If the rent payment is delayed, please contact us via Intra. We charge 5 eur for sending a payment reminder. 

For international residents LOAS offers an online payment option TransferMate. For citizens of EU and EEA countries TransferMate charges a fee for the payments. For citizens outside EU and EEA countries the service is free. However, your bank may charge you for using the service, so please verify this with your bank.

Instructions for using TransferMate

The rents have been classed in such a way that the most expensive rents per square metre are for the studios and the most affordable ones are for the three-person shared apartments. The rents of family apartments are slightly more affordable than the rents of equivalent shared apartments. The rent is determined according to the property’s age, location, condition, and other factors. All LOAS’ rents are calculated in accordance with our operating principle with a personal payment principle, while taking into account all the necessary repair investments to keep the buildings in good condition.

The rents of fixed-term rental agreements are increased by 15-25% depending on the duration of the agreement. The most common increase is 20% for agreements lasting up to six months. The reason for this is the empty use caused by fixed-term agreements.

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