Applying for an apartment

You can apply for a LOAS student apartment with the online form. Applications are accepted around the year, and in the best case scenario you can even be offered an apartment without needing to queue.

During the autumn and the beginning of the year, there are a lot of applicants and an application should be submitted as soon as you have received information about a study place. You can accept an apartment already during the summer! 
If you apply for a shared apartment with a friend (separate lease agreements for private rooms), attach a free form document to the application, in which you mention the name of the desired flatmate. 

Our apartments are intended for students who study in Lappeenranta, Joutseno, Imatra or elsewhere in Southern Karelia. All basic, follow-up and supplementary education students can apply for our apartments.

Under 18-year-old need a guardian's consent in order to safeguard the liabilities concerning the rental agreement. Although the application has the guardian’s details, always attach an informal written consent from the guardian. The agreement of an underaged applicant is always signed at LOAS’ office. After receiving an apartment offer, pay the office fee and any deposit on the intranet and then inform the housing office when you can visit the housing office to sign the agreement.

Our housing office provides advice and guidance to You in all issues concerning housing and applying for an apartment. After creating a LOAS Intra account, the best way to get an answer and instructions is via Intra by using the Contact us-feature. You can also send us an email to

"Don´t be rabbit pants, check Intra."