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Apartments for summer

In the summertime, LOAS rents apartments to companies and people coming to study or work in Lappeenranta for the summer.

We rent empty apartments between May and August. The minimum lease period is one week. The apartments include basic furniture but not cleaning services or linen. LOAS has apartments in the city centre and in the western areas of the city. Our affordable rents include water, electricity and sauna turns.

You can apply for a summer apartment by using our online application form

Application instructions

  • Indicate in the application the period for which you need an apartment and the reason for the need (summer job, summer training, summer studies, etc.).
  • You must provide LOAS with a certificate from your company or educational institute proving your employee or student status at the latest when you are getting the key to your apartment.
  • If you are renting an apartment for your employee, please fill in first the application and then contact the Housing Office . In the application, fill in your business ID instead of the personal ID code.