Affordable housing for students

LOAS is the housing foundation for all students who study in South Karelia. We provide high-quality and affordable housing for around 3,000 students.

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The renovation of Orion 1 has been begun
3.1.2018 15:51

LOAS increases the living comfort by renovating 4 buildings in Korpimetsänkatu 5. The renovation in Orion 1 has been begun in January.
The renovation will be completed by the end of 2018. Most of the flat types are studios and one of the houses consists of 2-bedrooms shared flats. 

Finib Asiakasturva and its related group insurance
21.10.2016 12:34

Finib Asiakasturva and its related group insurance.

LOAS is smoke-free
24.5.2016 12:54

New lease terms prohibit smoking inside  the LOAS apartments and in the balconies.
New lease terms consider all new tenancy agreements and are valid immediately.

Terms for current tenats will be delivered at the beginning of June.

Exceptions in opening hours
9.5.2018 9:00

LOAS office and maintenance is closed 10.5. - 13.5.2018.

Office is closed also 15.5.2018 from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Other week days normally open hours.

Huolto toimii


The LOAS Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of the LOAS buildings and repairs inside LOAS apartments. You can leave a service request using the LOAS intranet for tenants.

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Asukkaiden intra


Application processing typically takes only few days, or from 7 to 14 days during the busiest seasons.

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Our apartments are practical, easy to maintain, versatile and very affordable. All materials, furniture and equipment have been carefully selected to serve our tenants as well as possible.

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Loas Energiatehokkuus on tärkeä osa asumiskokemusta

Energy efficiency

Over the last years, LOAS has heavily invested in the improvement of energy efficiency. Thanks to the determined measures to decrease consumption, the rising energy and water prices have meant only moderate increases to rents.

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Miksi Loas asunto

Free Internet connection

There are broadband Internet connections in all LOAS apartments. The connection is not charged separately but is included in the rent.

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