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Meet our staff

The LOAS Housing Office will advise and guide you in all matters relating to tenancy and applying for housing. If possible, use e-mail to contact us, especially during the busy seasons of autumn and turn of the year, since we are not able to answer to all calls at those times. Our e-mail addresses follow the format 


The quickest way to terminate your lease or to leave a fault report is to use the LOAS intranet for tenants . The information is directly transferred from the intranet to the Housing Office or on the LOAS Maintenance work sheet without any intermediaries or additional costs, and it will be addressed as soon as possible. In addition, the intranet enables you to follow the processing of your fault report from start to finish. Easy as 1-2-3! 

Housing office

Joonas Grönlund

Executive Director

(05) 668 2818

Marja Terävä

Rental secretary

(05) 668 2812

Ritva Valkonen

Housing secretary

(05) 668 2820

Kaisu Kotiharju

Construction Manager

(05) 668 2815
0400 886 957

Eija Koljonen

Housing secretary

(05) 668 2821

Marjo Hämäläinen

Housing secretary

(05) 668 2819

Sari Martikainen

Housing Manager

(05) 668 2811

Jali Rissanen

Housing secretary

(05) 668 2827


Sini Petranen

Surface treatment

040 659 3211

Keijo Kettunen

Service man

040 706 1747

Veikko Tukiainen

Maintenance Supervisor

(05) 668 2816
040 759 9537

Olli Hietikko

Service man

040 775 2875

Ville Varma

Property Manager

05 668 2828