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LOAS intranet for tenants

From the intranet, you will find all the important housing-related information and services: notices to tenants, instructions, fault report forms, the apartment inspection form, the LOAS Booking service, and lots of other useful information.

As a LOAS tenant, you have 24/7 access to our intranet for tenants , which was one of the first ones implemented in Finland. We update to the intranet all the necessary information about important issues, maintenance activities and possible disturbances. You can also use the intranet to leave a fault report or to fill in the apartment inspection form that each new tenant should fill in immediately after receiving keys to the apartment.

No more disappointments at the laundry room door or unnecessary phone calls to try to book a parking space. From the LOAS Booking service, available on the intranet you can easily book a laundry room, sauna turns or a parking space.

You can also use the intranet, for example, to leave a work order/fault report, terminate your lease agreement, fill in the apartment card, or leave an application to change apartments. All official LOAS notices, rents, instructions and other housing-related information are also available on the intranet. Furthermore, for example work orders and fault reports are directly transferred to the LOAS Maintenance database without any intermediaries or additional costs. In addition, the intranet enables you to follow the processing of your fault report from start to finish.

Easy to use

Your login details are indicated in the lease agreement. The login details are formed so that they are easy to remember and enable using the service anywhere with an internet connection. For couples with a joint lease agreement, the login details are formed based on the information of the main tenant.

You can later change your login details according to your own preferences. If you have forgotten your user ID and/or password or if you are having trouble logging in, contact the Housing Office by e-mail

Once you have logged in for the first time, please read first the intranet user instructions from the INTRA INSTRUCTIONS tab on the home page.

The direct address to the login page is We recommend you save this address to your bookmarks.