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LOAS apartments and their equipment

Designed to meet the needs of students, LOAS apartments are practical, easy to maintain, versatile and very affordable.

All materials, furniture and equipment have been carefully selected to serve our tenants as well as possible. Cost efficiency and versatility impose certain restrictions, and for this reason our residences vary in terms of what features they include. Over the last years, we have invested heavily in the improvement of energy efficiency .

Our apartments are in modern apartment buildings, and have been equipped to meet the basic requirements of normal life. The tenants can add to these basic features as they see fit. All our sites have a sauna and a laundry room, which can be booked using the LOAS Booking service. The equipment level and special features of the apartments are listed in the site descriptions. Please note that smoking is prohibited in all our apartments. Read more about rents and lease agreements and the residential areas where our apartments are located.



Almost half (2,958) of our apartments are studio apartments. The demand for studio apartments, however, exceeds our offering. We offer our studios primarily to existing LOAS tenants or to new applicants with particularly effective grounds demonstrated in their application. The floor plan of most our larger studios is also ideal for couples.

Two-room apartments

The two-room apartments at our older sites are designed for shared accommodation and majority of them are furnished. In these apartments the bedrooms are of equal size and can be locked. We rent our unfurnished shared-accommodation type two-room apartments to families. Our newer sites also have plenty of two-room apartments designed as family apartments. Our family apartments are unfurnished. If you are applying for a family apartment, you should also check out our studio apartments. Many of our larger studios can also function as family apartments for couples without children.

Three-room apartments

Excluding few family apartments, our three-room apartments are furnished shared apartments intended for single students. The size of each bedroom is 11–14 m2, and the total rent covers 20–25 m2. Each tenant is responsible for keeping the apartment clean and in good condition. Tenants living in shared accommodation are expected to look after the shared areas together.


  • one bed (200x80 cm, mattress not included)
  • a desk
  • a reading lamp
  • an office chair
  • a bookshelf
  • a ceiling lamp
  • a kitchen table and chairs
  • some apartments may still have curtains but LOAS no longer provides new ones.

You can make the apartment more comfortable by decorating it with your own furniture, rugs, pictures (hanging on the wall allowed only from the skirting), and other decorations.