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Internet connections

There are broadband Internet connections in all LOAS apartments. The connection is not charged separately but is included in the rent.

Lnet is LOAS’ own high-speed broadband connection and available at sites with a dedicated local area network. The Lnet backbone speed is 1 Gbit/s and the LAN speed is 100 Mbit/s. All LOAS tenants are entitled to use Lnet once they have registered as users. By signing the lease agreement and registering as a user, the tenant commits to comply with any instructions and rules concerning the use of Lnet. The main requirement for a smooth network connection is that each user follows the use instructions strictly.

LOAS also offers its tenants the commercial broadband connection at few sites not connected to Lnet. On some sites Lnet is provided thru wireless network named WLnet. Also Eduroam network is in use at all wlan networked sites.

The internet connection details for each site are indicated in the site description (try using the apartment search function).

Lnet contact details

Problem report Problem report

Telia Broadband contact details (cable modems)

Advanced customer service and Helpson: +358 600 10100 (€2.25/min+local network charge, Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-4:30pm)
Customer service: +358 20 690 400 (Mon–Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 9am-4:30pm)
Telia support site