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Energy efficient housing

Over the last years, LOAS has heavily invested in the improvement of its energy efficiency. Thanks to the determined measures to decrease consumption, the rising energy and water prices have meant only moderate increases to rents.

The Lappeenranta University of Technology has chosen energy efficiency as one of its priority areas. LUT is supporting this aim by its Green Campus project. The living experience is a major part of the whole studying experience, and LOAS wants to support the green goals of the region’s higher education establishments.

Therefore, LOAS is also placing emphasis on energy efficiency and the environment in its new strategy. Economic aspects are also taken into account in the strategy to secure affordable housing for students also in the future.

Energy ratings of LOAS buildings

All LOAS buildings have valid energy certificates. However, these have been prepared in accordance with the old Energy Certificate Act that entered into force in 2007. Therefore, the energy certificates are not comparable with certificates prepared in accordance with the new Energy Certificate Act of 2013. You can still compare the figures among different LOAS buildings.

We are preparing new certificates in accordance with the transition period laid down in the new Act.
Our buildings’ energy certificates are available through a link provided in each site description. See also the summary of the LOAS energy certificates .

LOAS tenants are wise consumers

In 2013, LOAS implemented at its buildings activities to decrease water consumption. Tenants’ consumption behaviour is a major factor affecting water consumption, but LOAS has been able to reduce wasteful water use by implementing some technical solutions.

In addition, LOAS has checked the water pressure at each building and reduced it to the recommended level. This also reduces the strain on the pipelines and extends their use life.

During the spring of 2013, LOAS also carried out maintenance measures on plumbing fixtures and at the same time installed new water saving solutions to faucets and showers and modified single-flush toilets into dual-flush toilets.

These measures have dropped the overall water consumption by 20 per cent. LOAS uses the achieved savings to compensate for the continuously increasing water prices. The reduced water consumption has also significantly reduced the heating costs, which also adds to the overall energy savings achieved by LOAS.

LOAS Seppo

LOAS Seppo is a prime example of our pioneering work in the field of energy-efficient construction. The building was awarded a Class A energy certificate and produces much of its own energy through an onsite 9 kW solar panel system.

It is the first LOAS building where water bills are issued on the basis of the individual residents’ actual consumption. Furthermore, each resident signs a direct agreement with the electricity provider. Paying for water and energy according to actual consumption is by far the best way of encouraging energy efficiency at home. Seppo also has other energy-saving solutions, such as LED lighting in communal areas and forced ventilation.

LOAS is part of the Greenreality Network.

The Greenreality network is a virtual window onto the green, energy-efficient and environmentally conscious Lappeenranta and the local knowhow and enthusiasm. The goal of the Green Energy Showroom is to promote this positive trend and to disseminate information about upcoming events related to the topic and about the participants.