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Checking your placement on the waiting list

Application processing typically takes only few days, or from 7 to 14 days during the busiest seasons. After your application has been processed, you can check your placement on the waiting list at LOAS Intra. 

You can check your placement on the waiting list from the LOAS intra.


In the autumn, LOAS typically receives numerous applications and must therefore place all new applicants applying for a studio apartment without any special reason on the (male or female) waiting list for shared apartments as there are not enough studio apartments available. 

The tenants are selected so that the applications of LOAS tenants seeking to change apartments are processed first and the applications of new students after that. With the exception of the busy early autumn season, LOAS is usually able to offer shared apartments and family apartments without long waiting periods despite the large numbers of applicants. In practice, studio apartments are only offered to LOAS tenants seeking to change apartments or to new applicants with particularly effective grounds, provided that the new applicant can prove the existence of these grounds in a separate appendix to their housing application. 

When selecting new tenants, priority is given to new university and university of applied sciences students who start their studies in the autumn. This is stated in the principles of the housing guarantee given to new university and university of applied sciences students. This guarantee has been issued with the City of Lappeenranta. 

Apartments that will soon be available are primarily offered in queue order, taking account the applicant’s requests regarding the size, location, etc. of the apartment. Securing an apartment requires that the applicant reply to the apartment notification sent by LOAS by the given deadline (we may also offer housing by phone) and sign the lease agreement by the set date. If the applicant fails to do so, the apartment will be offered to the applicant next in line. Our aim is to keep our customers happy, but we must also ensure high occupancy rate in our apartments, which is important for the finances of the LOAS foundation. 

New applications are filed in our system continuously, and your placement on the waiting list may change daily. However, we also have plenty of apartments to offer at all times, so you will eventually be offered an apartment even if your placement on the waiting list is currently low on the list. Unfortunately, during the busy seasons, we are not able to provide information about your waiting list placement over the phone. 

All applications are recorded into the system in their order of arrival, and at the same time, each applicant is issued with a personal applicant and customer code. The system then automatically calculates the applicant’s placement points using the following factors: 

  • Application arrival date
  • Children (applicants with families)
  • Distance to the current place of residence (new applicants)
  • no housing avaible in the study location
  • previois lease agreement has been terminated (due to reasons not attributable to the applicant)
  • Other housing need grounds are considered case-specific. The LOAS Housing Office may add points for applicants with particularly effective housing need grounds. For instance, points can be added for LOAS tenants who have been given notice due to renovations.

If you wish to add any details to your application or if you want to enquire your current waiting list placement, please read the below criteria for placing applicants on the waiting list and, if possible, contact LOAS primarily by e-mail

Placement on the waiting list

 The message only indicates your placement with respect to your own applicant group. New LOAS housing applicants should remember that we process first the applications of LOAS tenants seeking to change apartments, with the exception of the autumn and turn of the year when we primarily rent apartments to new applicants.