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Application instructions

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You can apply for LOAS housing by using the online application form . Applications can be sent throughout the year. It may even be possible to get an apartment without having to wait at all.

The autumn and turn of the year are the busiest times. Applications should always be sent as early as possible. Please note that the application is valid for 3 months. Please send your application as soon as you’ve been admitted to an educational institution.


Our apartments are intended for young people who are learning to live on their own and who study in Lappeenranta, Joutseno, Imatra, or elsewhere in South Karelia. In our selection of apartments, there is a large variety of choices for different stages in a student’s life. A room of one’s own in a two- or three-room apartment shared with like-minded students, a studio apartment for those who need the privacy for example at the final stages of studies, or a two-room apartment for a family.

Our apartments can be applied by all students studying either in basic or in postgraduate studies or in supplementary education. Studying is a common denominator for our tenants. Family apartments are intended for couples, at least one of whom is a student. Applications for LOAS apartments can be sent at any time. You can apply for housing in accordance with your needs.

You can submit an application even if you haven’t yet received an approval letter from the educational institute. The right of residence is confirmed when the lease agreement is signed. You must present a valid student ID, study certificate or approval letter from the educational institution.

If the applicant is under 18, a guardian must secure the agreement due to tenancy-related legal obligations. This means in practice that the lease agreement is signed by the student’s guardian.

Please send only one application via the Internet. Should you need to amend your application, please notify the changes by sending us e-mail at The amendment notification must indicate the following:

  • applicant’s name and personal ID code
  • new information

You must always submit a change of address notification when you move into a new apartment.

The LOAS Housing Office will advise and guide you in all matters relating to tenancy and applying for housing. The best way to get an answer and instructions is to contact us via e-mail (



The application is valid for three (3) months. The application must be renewed via intra.loas account.

When selecting new tenants, priority is given to new university and university of applied sciences students who start their studies in the autumn. This is stated in the principles of the housing guarantee given to new university and university of applied sciences students. This guarantee has been issued with the City of Lappeenranta. Applications are processed daily and they are stored in a tenant selection program which prioritises the applications according to apartment need factors. The order in which apartments are offered is calculated by using a points system. The system then automatically calculates the applicant’s placement points using the following factors:

  • application arrival date
  • children (applicants with families)
  • distance to the current place of residence (new applicants)
  • no housing available in the study location
  • previous lease agreement has been terminated (due to reasons not attributable to the applicant).

Other housing need grounds are considered case-specific. The LOAS Housing Office may add points for applicants with particularly effective housing need grounds. For instance, points can be added for applicants who have been given notice due to renovations. Points can also be added based on medical certificates or because of other similar cogent reasons.

Residential applications are processed according to legal regulations and official instructions regarding the selection of State-subsidised housing residents.

There are several types of waiting queues in the system. Applicants (men, women, families, studio apartment applicants and similar change-of-apartment applicants) are always placed in queue in accordance with their points.

Applicants’ credit rating is checked during the application process. Payment disruptions do not prevent an applicant from receiving an apartment, but the lessor may use them as basis for increasing the security deposit and for signing a temporary lease agreement.

In the application, you can indicate the LOAS sites at which you wish to live. If we are not able to provide you with an apartment at the sites indicated, we try to offer you an apartment at another site, and you can then decide whether to accept the offer or not.

The surest way to secure an apartment is to accept all residential areas, sites and apartment types. However, if you are looking for an apartment at a certain site or a certain type of apartment and are prepared to wait for it, you are welcome to do so.

The demand for studio apartments exceeds their number. Therefore, LOAS primarily offers available studios to applicants that are already LOAS tenants or to new applicants with particularly effective grounds. In practice, it is not possible for new applicants to get a studio apartment without any particularly effective reasons.


Available apartments and apartments that will soon be available are primarily offered in queue order. After you’ve been selected, you’ll receive a notification letter or we contact you by phone or e-mail. You can secure an apartment by paying a reservation fee by the given deadline. We aim for a high occupancy rate in our apartments, which is important for our operation. Therefore the period of payment of the reservation fee is very short. If you decide to not accept our housing offer, you must notify us immediately so that we can offer the apartment to the person next in line. We will not return the reservation fee if you decide not to sign a lease agreement.

Once you’ve signed the lease agreement with LOAS, the reservation fee turns into a deposit. LOAS will return the deposit to the tenant within two months of the termination of the lease agreement. The deposit will be returned to the account specified by the tenant if the tenant has returned the keys to the apartment, if the apartment is clean and in normal condition when the tenant moves out, and if the tenant has fulfilled all obligations relating to housing including rent and other payments. LOAS may use, without hearing the tenant, some or all of the deposit to cover any such unfulfilled obligations.

Especially in autumns, we have a large number of applicants. The waiting time is shortest for shared apartments, and we recommend that new students should primarily apply for those. If you are able to sign a lease agreement already during summer, you will more likely get the apartment you are applying for.

We receive new applications daily, so your placement on the waiting list may change daily. New applicants are placed in the queue according to their points. You can amend your application by notifying us about the amendments by e-mail. You should not send a new application because you would lose the points you’ve accumulated for queuing.


The property insurance taken out by LOAS does not cover damages caused to tenants’ personal belongings. For example, if there’s a water leakage in the apartment above yours and it causes damage to your personal property, the only way to cover your losses is through your personal home insurance policy.

A personal home insurance policy is a relatively inexpensive way to cover costs arising from damages to your personal property as well as to the property of LOAS. The yearly insurance premium is typically only tens of euros and the excess between 80 and 250 euros. For further information, please contact your insurance company. Ask quotes also from other companies.

We recommend that all our tenants should have a personal home insurance policy. Even the smallest accident can easily result in damages of thousands of euros.