Affordable housing for students

LOAS is the housing foundation for all students who study in South Karelia. We provide high-quality and affordable housing for around 3,000 students.

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Exception to opening hours during Easter holidays
31.3.2020 11:34

The housing office and maintenance is closed on Thursday 9th of April from 12 noon. 

Due to the COVID-19 LOAS customer service works by e-mail or by phone for now
24.3.2020 15:02

The key to a new apartment will be delivered to the office´s front door, please agree the time for pick-up the key in advance.
When you move out please put the key to the mailbox next to the office´s front door, for example in an envelope. 

Cleaning is an important part of infection control
24.3.2020 10:53

Cleaning is an important part of infection control. Now is the right time to clean your home.

LOAS actions in an exceptional situation caused by coronavirus
16.3.2020 13:49

We at LOAS take the corona virus and its spread seriously. To protect our customers, our employees and our partners, we have chosen to keep our office doors closed until further notice starting from 16.3.2020.

Car parking fees will increase
10.12.2019 15:17

Car parking fees will increase in January

There are plastic collection at all residential properties
4.11.2019 11:42

There are plastic collection at all residential properties

LOAS is smoke-free
4.11.2019 11:40

The lease terms prohibit smoking inside  the LOAS apartments and in the balconies.
Smoking areas are marked in the yard.

Heating in LOAS apartments
4.11.2019 11:39

Normal room temperature is + 20 - 22 degrees.


The LOAS maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and repairs inside apartments. You can leave a service request using the LOAS Intra.

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Loas Intranet

Through LOAS Intra, you can browse and rent apartments provided by LOAS. Tenants can book sauna and laundry turns from Intra.



Our apartments are practical, easy to maintain, versatile and very affordable. All materials, furniture and equipment have been carefully selected to serve our tenants as well as possible.

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Loas Energiatehokkuus on tärkeä osa asumiskokemusta

Energy efficiency

Over the last years, LOAS has heavily invested in the improvement of energy efficiency. Thanks to the determined measures to decrease consumption, the rising energy and water prices have meant only moderate increases to rents.

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Miksi Loas asunto

Free Internet connection

There are broadband Internet connections in all LOAS apartments. The connection is not charged separately but is included in the rent.

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